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Site Construction Progress Diary

Last updated September 11, 2007

About us: 100% (updates might be made in the future)
Downloads: 100% (no files currently available for download)
Frequently Asked Questions: 100% (done for now)
Contact Information: 100%

Information Center

All moderator staff information: 20% (layout done; need all)
Story Information Database: 5% (layout still in planning; need all data)
Overall: 12.5%


Writing Projects
-Layout: 100%
-Sanoka's Projects: 47%
-Josh_bowden's Projects: 25%
-Overall: 57.3%

Gaming Projects
-Layout: 100%
-Reballic Revolution: 100% (no known projects)
-Sanoka's Projects: 25%
Overall: 75%

Overall: 66.15%

Overall Construction Progress: 79.775%
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