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03/08/08 - Sorry for the major inactivity. There's not much I can do when I'm a high school student who is also enrolled in a technical college as concurrent enrollment while trying to have as much fun as I can before my fun life is over. Anyway, I've decided to change Time Shuffle's site into a place for my project information. Whether or not this will change will depend on the forums and how they will progress. The forums will become a roleplaying community (once and for all) after I sort out all of the forum layout stuff. This is because I don't find myself capable of trying to appeal to such a wide audience at this time. More information will come as things come along.

9/11/07 - What a time to update, eh? Anyway, I've changed the format of Inside the Isolated Heart's Story Progress page so that it's a tad easier to look at. If I'm not harped on for anything today, I might be able to squeeze in some more information updates for once.

8/21/07 - Due to the lack of interest in the thing (even though visitors are few), I have changed the Community Character Database (home of all role-playing character info from the forums) into a temporary Story Information Database for Reballic Revolution Development Studios and myself. This section will take quite some time to complete, but I'll get it done sometime. Also, I updated the character chart I'm working on. You can now find it under Information Center>Story Information Database>Table of Contents>Sanoka's Projects>Basic Character Information. That's all for now.

5/26/07 - After a long time, I finally updated my section of the Writing Projects, added myself and Reballic Revolution to the Gaming Projects page, added the game version of Inside the Isolated Heart to my Gaming section, adjusted some tags, text, and headers here and there, and updated the site construction progress diary for once. However, my hard work thus far might fail because I may or may not enlist some aid to rebuild the site to make it more user-friendly and easier to edit the flipping code on every freaking page.

1/24/07 - Edited the front page's text somewhat and changed the link to Reballic Revolution.

12/6/06 - Added Josh_bowden to the Writing Projects list along with his only currently active story, The Z Days in Utah.

12/4/06 - From the news post on the forums:

"A new group, under the name of Reballic Revolution Development, also led by yours truly, has been formed (currently, with only one member (moi), which is pretty pathetic for forming a development group)! The Reballic Revolution Development group specializes in four kinds of development at this current: gaming, programming, internet/web design, and writing. This list is highly subject to change, and we (well, actually I) are looking for people who think they have what it takes to be a part of this new and wonderous development group! For more information about recruitment, please refer to the forums there, which I will post in a minute.

Though this IS a development group, please keep in mind that, unless the group generates enough success and fame, or we come up with something clever to raise money (for example, programs that require a registration fee), this group is and will remain a nonprofit organization. However, if you are still interested in joining the team, here is the list of positions we (I) have available:

Data Manager (*)
Forum Moderator (5)
Game Developer (*)
Internet/Web Site Developer (*)
Program Developer (*)
PR (Public Relations) Manager (2)
Trained Security Guard (Community Moderator) (3)
Writing Developer (*)

*= Limit remains undecided

I hope that you consider joining us (me) and help lift this backyard science project into a corporation giant!"



10/18/06 - And finally, I decide to let the cat out of the bag on the main site. I was being lazy and didn't do anything about it before, but here it is. This was copied from a post of mine on the forum, but modified somewhat:

I have modified the site's layout so that it conforms to a much more community-oriented style. With this, we can become some sort of a hub, where people can discuss any projects they have and make this community thrive, hopefully in the near future. Now, if you have any projects (like writing, music, gaming, carpentry, etc) that you have going right now (that you would like for me to post on the site), please drop me a PM/email with a list of them so I can get them into a basic form on the site. After that, you should PM/email me again with a list of details for every project you PMed/emailed me with. However, please note that you MUST be a member of the forums to get your projects submitted! I won't put the name you have on your email address, either. If you screw up on your name on the forums, you can just message me any time to request a change.

Now, when it comes to the projects themselves, it can be anything you're working on, no restrictions as of yet. Also, if you post characters in the RP section, I will post any information on them that you list (given your permission of course). So, without further mindless chatter, come on in, get posting, and just have a blast!

9/28-29/06 Made a butt-load of changes. I'll note them and add them to the progress diary later because it's late as I'm typing this.

8/27/06 - Well, well, well. After obtaining some well-needed information from a deviant on deviantArt, I realized that the name for my story, Radiant Twilight, wasn't really original. As a result, I have renamed it to "Inside the Isolated Heart". I had to change some things in the site structure to accompany the change, though, so if something doesn't work, notify me ASAP.

8/13/06 - Wow, I've been getting lazy. I finally did what I could for the Characters section of Radiant Twilight today. That's all for the moment, though, since I'm kinda tired.

6/7/06 - A slightly major update of the site took place today. The About Us section has been finished for now, the Projects section has been revised, a temporary page has been set up for my characters section, a few typos were corrected, and a couple of questions were added to the FAQs.

5/25/06 - I added a question to the FAQ. Please read it, because I don't want to have to explain anything myself.

5/22/06 - Updates to the Projects section have been made. Story summaries, as well as a new project listing, have been done. GO ahead and check them out. Also, dont forget to check out our forum!

5/2/06 - The Time Shuffle web site has officially launched! Most pages are still under construction, so be sure to come on by often to check the progress of the site!

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