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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I search for the words "Time Shuffle", I get something about music, math doodles, etc. Can you possibly explain that?
A: Not really. I did a search some time after I finished the layout and noticed that. I have no definite way of explaining it. I guess I didn't choose a very unique name, but that's your problem if you have anything to say about it.

Q: Why are you using the site for your own personal projects and the forums for roleplaying? That seems rather contradictory doesn't it?
A: Those are very good questions. I just messed with the site back around March 08, 2008 after deciding that I'm not one for managing general community sites and trying to be like sites such as deviantART, FictionPress, and the like. My only current ideas revolve around my own projects, but as the community grows, I may mess with the site once again to be more focused around the forums. This may require a massive site overhaul, however.

Q: Could you tell me more about the forums?
A: Time Shuffle's forums are a roleplaying portal. At the moment, only basic "post-reply" (roleplays where you do your part, wait for someone to reply, and then do your part again) are possible, but I may eventually develop a sort of system for various things like some other roleplay forums have (particularly Fire Emblem roleplay forums, though I don't intend to use their systems.)

Q: I noticed that your forums are kinda... shall I say... slow in activity. Why is that?
A: I haven't really sent the word out that far yet. It would be more active if there were more people and something to talk about often.

Q: I really want to become one of the moderating staff! Is there any way I can apply without lowering my chances?
A: Actually, I am thinking about making aspiring members having to take a test if they wish to be become a moderator. Of course, I would probably only let a number of people take said test at one time so as to not have a majority of the forum members as moderators. I am also considering having a test for aspiring moderators take a test to become a sub-administrator. For now, this is sort of a gray area. Keep checking the news on the forums for more details as they come!

Q: On the forums, it says that you need to describe your character's history, but there's a Character Biographies forum. What's the big deal?
A: Ah. That is a good question! In terms of the Characters forum, the history is just a brief summary of the character. The Character Biographies forum is for when you want to post a full-length biography for a character, sort of like a short story. If you've watched some biographies on the channel A&E before, then you know what to expect.

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