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Welcome to the Time Shuffle website! I, Sanoka Kitemuro, have worked hard to put together this fabulous layout (thanks to a tutorial at Tutorialtomb). I hope it is to your liking (though due to practicality issues, I may need to rework this somewhat)!

Note the navigation box on the left. Please know that this will change depending on what page you are on! Remember, the back button on your browser (as well as the Backspace key) and the navigation bar at the top are your friends! If you are lost and don't know where to go, then just use one of the aforementioned tools and you will go places.

Also, please check the news page often! I don't want people to ask me what I have done constantly, plus I might have important news subjects there not related to the site once in a while.

Finally, Reballic Revolution Development Studios has obtained their own site now! Reballic Revolution Development Studios (founded by yours truly) is a group that focuses on the big picture in development. As their big final goal, they want to do it all: video games, computer programs and parts, animation, you name it! There are many open spots right now, so click the link below, run to the forums, and apply today! I hope to see you on the team! -Sanoka Kitemuro

Reballic Revolution Development Studios

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